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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A day spent with Mommy

The Ice Cream Trick

As with many other required tasks in the life of a 3 year old, Ryan required a bit of incentive to allow the hairstylist to cut his golden locks... Mommy decides chocolate ice cream is the bribe of choice - and it works! Here is Ryan enjoying his post-haircut treat!

The Dreadful "Spikey" Tennis Ball Head...

The class project is to take a member of the Flat family (in our case, Spencer) with our little one on everyday errands around the base and greater community. Ryan chose to take Spencer with us to get his hair "trimmed." I, his loving mother, instructed the hairstylist to trim his golden locks and make him "look nice" for his up coming Easter photos... I think she got a bit scissor happy, because Ryan wound up with the same haircut as his pal Spencer! I tried not to cry in front of him... He seems to really like it! He laughs and says, "Mommy it is spikey!" Next step - head to the BX to find a suitable hat!

At the house with Flat Spencer before the haircut...

Ryan and Emily's Current Relationship and a Mommy's Love

Here are my two beautiful, remarkable, wonderful children of 18 months and 3 years - Emily and Ryan Bippert, respectively.... Mostly the two get along will with only about 25 small scuffles a day about things ranging from: Mommy's lap competitions, who gets the toy first, who gets the toy period, which car seat to sit in during a trip, which book to read, who gets out of the tub first... and so on... I love them so much and it is a privilege to call them my babies!


wildroot said...

I love them, too! There Mommy is pretty special, also!

wildroot said...

"Their" Mommy is pretty special, also!